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    1.  Zhangjiagang Sunglory Chemical Industry Co, Ltd

      Leading products:Rosin Glycerol Este r(Food Grade)、Rosin pentaerythrityl ester146#、Maleic modified rosin resin 424#、Water-soluble ink resin、Resin for poultry depilation

      About Us

      Zhangjiagang Sunglory Chemical Industry Co, Ltd was founded in 1987. It is a private science and technology enterprise engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing rosin resins. Based on advanced technologies and equipment, and on strict management, it has become a member of China Rosin Industry Association and China Adhesive Industry Association.
      Our products are widely used in adhesive, hot melt adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, road mark coating, colored pavement, papermaking, ink, poultry depilation, glue base, emulsified flavor and other industries.
      Sunshine Chemical strives for becoming first-class enterprise in China. In recent years...

      Sunglory Chemical —— Product list

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      Under today's rapid change of social industry structures, Sunglory Chemicals is actively strenthening the technology innovation, fresh idea, and expand its thinking.
      With the powerful support from China University of Forestry and Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest...
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      To carry out research on application, to improve product performance, and to develop rosin resin with various specifications.
      To improve production process, reduce cost, improve production technology, adjust product structure, and carry out long-term research.

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